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Assemblyman Bob Reilly

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This page relates to: Siena-Hudson Greenway Plan - Political Dimensions


Assemblyman Bob Reilly 


     Assemblymen Bob Reilly is a member of the New York State Assembly, as a registered Democrat for the 109th district. First elected in 2004, Assemblyman Reilly has a powerful political background. Reilly has served as the former president of the Shaker Heritage Society, he served as Co-Chair of the Mohawk Valley Heritage Corridor Commission, and he was a Board Member of the Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor Commission. Elected in 2004 to the New York State Assembly, Reilly has taken control and several leadership positions that involve environmental-friendly developments. He has recently enacted a new law that will provide greater public disclosure of state contracts concerning his district area.


     He is in support of a bill titled, “An act to amend the environmental conservation law, in relation to eliminating term limits for fish and wildlife.”  The aim of this legislation is to provide the Fish and Wildlife Management Board with the most qualified memberes by eliminating the term limits of its members, thereby ensuring the Board is in capable, seasoned hands. Assemblyman Reilly also supports the Reforming Empire Zones Act, which is an agreement that authorizes twelve new Empire Zones, expanding one of New York’s most important economic developmental tools. It addresses some major abuses and closes loopholes, which thus makes the program more effective and accountable.


     Reilly’s greatest development since accepting the role of Assemblyman is his public support in a long-term energy plan. He has passed a package of bills targeted to ensure that New York has a safe and reliable energy market, as well as better consumer choice and protection. . The Energy Plan’s goals include: the improvement of the state energy plan by requiring studies of the state’s energy needs (A.10372), to impose new requirements for utility companies to protect customers from increasing volatility and spikes in energy prices (A.10370), create facilities of refuge throughout the state to assure the public has continuous electric, heat, and other vital utility services in times of natural or man-made disasters (A.5812), and to require gas or electric corporations to prepare a plan for response to interruptions in service in order to minimize damages to customers and all residents in the service area (A.4107).

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