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Local Communities and Shared Services in the Greenway

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This page relates to:  Siena-Hudson Greenway Plan - Human Dimensions


What needs to be done is to write summaries that go along with the links (maybe one summary per topic. etc.) 

  • Employment
    • Civil Service  
    • Contractual Employment 
    • Nursing Home Jobs  
    • Registered Nurses (Nursing Home)  
    • Second Careers  
    • Senior Community Services Employment Program 


  • Environment and Agriculture
    • Agricultural Districts 
    • Agricultural & Farmland Protection Plan
    • Agricultural Environmental Management Program 
    • Albany County Right-to-Farm Law 
    • Conservation Items for Sale 
    • Envirothon 
    • Fish Stocking Program 
    • Recycling Used Inkjet Cartridges
    • Tree & Shrub Program
    • Used Battery Recycling Program 


  • Forms, Applications, and Permits 
    • Agricultural District Review Worksheet  
    • Certificate of Residency Application  
    • Civil Service Applications & Forms  
    • Civil Service Rules  
    • Civil Service Test Guides  
    • Fish Stocking Program Order Form  
    • Fees Schedule (Consumer Affairs)  
    • Fees Schedule (County Clerk)  
    • FOIL Requests  
    • Reporting Fraud or Abuse in County Government  
    • Real Property Auction (Pre-registration; Left Bid)  
    • Special Vehicle Hauling Permit  
    • Tree & Shrub Program  
    • Voter Registration


  • Property Owners and Real Estate
    • Agricultural Districts  
    • Agricultural & Farmland Protection Plan  
    • Agricultural Environmental Management Program  
    • Albany County Right-to-Farm Law  
    • County Roadwork Schedule  
    • Deeds & Mortgages Online  
    • Designated Sensitive Parcels  
    • Fish Stocking Program / Order Form  
    • Geographic Data (GIS)  
    • How to Record a Deed  
    • How to Record a Mortgage  
    • Natural Resource Technical Assistance 
    • NYS Property Tax Exemptions for Veterans & Gold Star Parents  
    • Pending Foreclosure Actions  
    • Property Tax Exemption for First Time Home Buyers  
    • Real Property Auction   
    • Soil Group Worksheets  
    • Soil Sampling Program  
    • Tree & Shrub Program / Order Form


  • Children, Youth and Families
    • Adopting/Fostering  
    • Albany County - NY Connects  
    • Bright Beginnings  
    • Childhood Obesity  
    • Developmental Screening  
    • The HopeBook  
    • Ice Skating Calendar  
    • In-Home Support  
    • Kids: Growing Healthy, Growing Strong  
    • NYWEA Capital Chapter R. Paul Farrell, Jr. Scholarship  
    • Recreation Programs  
    • Youth Services  
    • Youth Initiatives 



[ ]  "Living and Working in Albany County, New York." Welcome to Albany County, New York. 03 June 2009 <http://www.albanycounty.com/portal-living-working.asp>.

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