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Route 9 - Projected cost

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This policy option or model program profile relates to the following issue overview(s):



     This page will go over the projected cost of completing the route 9 side walk.



    A multipurpose path extending from Turner Lane south of the campus to Newton Plaza to the north. The greenway would increase safety for students walking to local shopping destinations, would provide for easy access by bicycle to these destinations, and would potentially ease Route 9 traffic congestion by reducing conflicting uses. The design of the greenway can also enhance the aesthetics of the Route 9 corridor, and provide additional storm water benefits.



  • Cost of the side walk itself


         Costs per foot:  The total length would be around 1.2 miles from Turner Lane to Newton Plaza.  Since this would be a high quality multi-purpose pathway and would be fairly wide, the construction costs would be fairly substantial.  Estimates from a similar project in Pennsylvania are used here.  The similar climate makes this an ideal comparison.  The costs for the different types of roads are as follows:


                    12 foot wide concrete:  $ 53 -77  per foot           $ 279,840 -  406,560 per mile


                    6 foot wide concrete:   $  26.50 - 38.50 per foot  $ 139, 920 - 203,280 per mile

estimate source: http://dsf.chesco.org/planning/lib/planning/trailguide/trailguideappc.pdf

     The multi-purpose path would most likely be 6 feet wide for most of the way, since the side of Route 9 can be fairly narrow for most of the route, but there are sections that could have a 12 foot wide section.  However, for the purposes of estimations, we will assume that the pathway will be 6 ft wide for the whole distance, considering there would be little reason to expand the pathway to 12 ft for a small distance.  The middle of the range that was estimated from the other trail was approximately $ 173,000, so for the preliminary calculations that figure will be used for the mile.  The additional .2 miles would be calculated using the per foot estimates: .2 * 5280 = 1056 ft       1056 ft * $ 33  = $ 34848  


All together the total costs are estimated at $ 207,848 for initial construction.

Potential Crosswalks 

there are at least seven potential crosswalks that may be installed, but these are just a temporary estimate.  Since some will likely be higher traffic and justify more infrastructure such as lights, some will have the lower price estimates used, some will have the higher end estimates used.  The range used here is $ 5,000 to 20,000 for basic crosswalks and 150,000 to 250,000 for signaled crosswalks.  The numbers in paratheses represent the best fit cost we could estimate. 

     source: http://www.ci.oswego.or.us/parksrec/Lake_Oswego_Final_Master_Plan.pdf     p. 28


1 - across Route 9 to the Mobil station, likely low traffic  (5000)


2 - across Route 9 from Friars Dr. to Campus View Dr., likely would justify crossing light (200,000)


3 - across Fiddler's Lane right next to town hall, low auto traffic (5000)


4 - across Route 9 from Fiddler's Lane to town hall, since it is so close to crosswalk 2 it can be a low cost (or vise versa) (5000)


5 - across Maxwell Drive, essential crosswalk with high traffic (200,000)


6 - across Route 9 from Spring Street to Springwood Manor Dr., in the middle of the Newton plaza (200,000)


7 - across Route 9 from Homestead Dr. to Newton Plaza, low pedestrian traffic (5000)


  All together the initial estimate for crosswalk construction would be $ 620,000.


Cost of Landscaping 

     The costs for landscaping and removing the shrubs and other foliage are estimated using the costs the group analyzing the Spring Street Sidewalk used.  At $45 dollars per foot, the cost for this project would be $45 * 6,336 ft for a total of c. 




     Yearly costs for maintance for a similar project in are estimated at 150,000 for a similar project in New Hampshire, which has similar weather and other problems that this project would encounter. 


The initial formula for calculating costs would be:

 intial costs   $ 207,848+ $ 620,000+$285,120
 = 1,112,604

annual maintenance costs =  $ 150,000 * 30 years discounted at 4% for a total NPV of the project over 30 years is $3,388,824 for the initial estimates







Zoning verification:

A zoning verification submittal must be made to the Town of Colonie Building Department. The Building Department will determine whether the proposed development or use is in conformance with the provisions of Chapter 190, "Zoning" of the Town of Colonie Code. The Building Department will notify the applicant and the PEDD of the determination and a copy will be filed in the office of the Town Clerk.


Concept site development plan review and acceptance: 

The applicant must submit a concept site development plan to the Planning Board for their review. The concept site development plan provides the applicant and the Planning Board with a flexible design concept which can be changed if necessary prior to the submittal of a more detailed final site development plan. 

Complete submittals must be received by the PEDD by noon on Monday, four weeks prior to the scheduled date of the Planning Board meeting at which the proposed plans will be presented.

The Planning Board, based on its review and department recommendations, and after complying with the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) will decide either to accept the concept plan, reject it, or accept it with modifications. 



Final site development plan review and approval:

Upon acceptance of the concept site development plan by the Planning Board, the applicant is responsible for preparing and submitting a final site development plan.

The PEDD will review the submittal for completeness and technical compliance with all requirements, and refer the proposal to the appropriate Town departments for additional technical review. 

Upon satisfactory completion of required technical reviews, the PEDD will notify the applicant that the submittal is complete and the date at which the submittal will be reviewed by the Planning Board for their action. The Planning Board will act to approve the final site development plan, deny it, or approve it with modifications. If a modified plan is required and is not submitted to the PEDD within six months from the date of the Planning Board's approval, the approval shall become invalid.



Issuance of approval:

Upon approval of a final site development plan by the Planning Board, the applicant must submit four copies of the final plan to the PEDD. If all conditions have been met, the PEDD signs and stamps the final plans approved and distributes them to the appropriate departments. After plans are distributed, the applicant may then apply for and obtain a building permit and other permits and approvals as may be necessary.


Application for sign permit: 

If the approved final plan involves the construction of any sign identifying the building and/or type of business, the applicant must apply to the Town of Colonie Building Department for a sign permit. 


Certificate of occupancy: The applicant is responsible for developing the site in strict compliance with the approved plans. No occupancy or use of the site may occur until the PEDD has determined that all required improvements to the site have been made or sufficient cash escrow has been deposited with the Town to ensure conformance, the PEDD has issued a release to the Building Department, and, if applicable, the Building Department has issued a Certificate of Occupancy. 



The town of Colonie has already set up a comprehensive plan to develop sidewalks that connect the community as well as enhance the safety of those who walk upon roads that do not already have sidewalks in place.


This is a link to the Town of Colonie Comprehensive Plan website:




  • This option has yet to be adopted and thus has no evaluation at this time 



  • This policy remains a proposal 


Point of View     

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  • Town of Colonie Parks and Recreation Department
    • Alicia Osur director of community services
      • 518-783-2760  
  • Town of Colonie
    • Paula A. Mahan Supervisor
      • 518-783-2700   
  • Siena College 515 Loudon Road Loudonville, New York 12211-1462 phone 518-783-2300 






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