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Policy Option - The Dream Act

Page history last edited by Robert Hackett 10 years, 3 months ago

     Note: please note that this profile of a policy option or program model should (a) link back to the issue overview on this topic, (b) be focused either the local, state, national, or global level, and (c) be neutrally presented, based on facts, and include footnotes for each of the items.  See the Research Guide and Information Sources to assist you.


This policy option or model program profile relates to the following issue overview(s):


Summary    one paragraph description 




Goal    short description of the policy or program goal  




Cost    total policy or program cost; also include per person cost if available 




Implementation    describe how the policy or program is implemented (esp. who, how) 




Evaluation    summarize any evaluation findings that policy or program effectiveness




Status    indicate whether this policy or program has been adopted in more locations or remains a proposal 




Point of View    quotations from those in support or opposition to this policy or program 




Contact     contact information for sponsor of this policy or program 




Bibliography    link to any additional readings or websites related to this policy or program 



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