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     Note: please note that this profile of a policy option or program model should (a) link back to the issue overview on this topic, (b) be focused either the local, state, national, or global level, and (c) be neutrally presented, based on facts, and include footnotes for each of the items.  See the Research Guide and Information Sources to assist you.


This policy option or model program profile relates to the following issue overview(s):


Summary    one paragraph description 

QuestBridge selects high achieving, low-income students (annual household income of $60K or below) to compete for four-year, full-tuition scholarships (including room and board, and often books and travel costs) to partnering schools. Free application to institutions using the QuestBridge Application, which uses essay questions that turn low-income status into an opportunity to highlight overcoming obstacles. An early decision program. Functions an a preselection/prescreening process for colleges, which ultimately select scholarship recipients. 


Goal    short description of the policy or program goal  

QuestBridge, an initiative of the Quest Scholars Program, serves as an intermediary between the nation's brightest, under-served youth and leading institutions of higher education. QuestBridge provides a single, internet-based meeting point which links exceptional students with the colleges, scholarship providers, employers, and organizations seeking students who have excelled despite obstacles. By facilitating these exchanges, QuestBridge aims to increase the percentage of talented, low-income students attending the nation's best universities, and excelling beyond.[1]


Cost    total policy or program cost; also include per person cost if available 

  • Scholarships funded through the partnering schools directly. 



Implementation    describe how the policy or program is implemented (esp. who, how) 

  • Students apply to QuestBridge via online application, transcripts, recommendations, etc.
  • Students select and rank as many as 8 partner colleges for consideration for admission. A binding agreement to attend the college if selected for scholarship.
  • QuestBridge selects finalists and forwards applications to institutions. 
  • Partnering schools select students from the pool for admission and awards them full-tuition, four year scholarships. 
  • QuestBridge matches student with the highest ranking school on their list to which the student was admitted. 
  • Students not selected through the College Match, early decision process can then apply, using QuestBridge, through the regular decision process.[2] 



Evaluation    summarize any evaluation findings that policy or program effectiveness




Status    indicate whether this policy or program has been adopted in more locations or remains a proposal 

  • QuestBridge partners with 27 selective colleges across the nation. 



Point of View    quotations from those in support or opposition to this policy or program 

  • "The future of our democracy rests upon ways of finding opportunity and mobility that are not happening in our unequal world. Quest is at the crossroads of doing just that." - Anthony Marx, President, Amherst College (also on the QuestBridge Board of Advisors)[3] 



Contact     contact information for sponsor of this policy or program 

  • Nancy Hill, Quest Scholars Director
  • Ana Rowena McCullough, Founder and Chair, Board of Directors
  • Michael McCullough, Founder and President

120 Hawthorne Avenue, Suite 103

Palo Alto, CA 94301

(650) 331-3280




Bibliography    link to any additional readings or websites related to this policy or program 




  1. http://www.questbridge.org/about/index.html
  2. http://www.questbridge.org/students/process.html
  3. http://www.questbridge.org/about/index.html

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