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Policy Option 2

Page history last edited by Kim Anh Dinh 10 years, 4 months ago
  • Summary 

    • Expand English language programs for immigrants, especially women. In Asian culture, women take care of family and housework. Thus, they do not get involved in community activities or business activities. With language bariers, it is harder for them to engage in local activities.

  • Goal — short description of the policy or program goal  
    • To increase the English language ability of immigrants and their children, via English language programs.
    • To increase civic engagement through English learning programs or community programs
    • To increase their chances to higher education
    • To increase their chances to better jobs
  • Cost — total policy or program cost; also include per person cost if available 
  • Implementation — describe how the policy or program is implemented (esp. who, how) 
  • Evaluation — summarize any evaluation findings that policy or program effectiveness
  • Status — indicate whether this policy or program has been adopted in more locations or remains a proposal 
  • Point of View — quotations from those in support or opposition to this policy or program 
  • Contact — contact information for sponsor of this policy or program 
  • Bibliography    link to any additional readings or websites related to this policy or program

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