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Urban Parks - USA

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Note: please note that this issue brief should (a) link back to the issue overview on this topic, (b) be focused either the local, state, national, or global level, and (c) be neutrally presented, based on facts, and include footnotes for each of the items.  See the Research Guide and Information Sources to assist you. 



Goal Statement

  • Link here to the Urban Parks overview page for the goal statement related to this issue brief 



Scope of the Problem  factual statements on the extent of the problem in the past, current, or future




Past Policy  key legislation and milestones including significant policy and funding shifts, major studies, etc.




Current Policy  summary of current policies in the form of legislation, programs, and funding

  • National Park Service: Urban Park and Recreation Recovery:  From 1978 through 2002 the UPARR program awarded nearly $272 million for 1,461 grants to 380 local jurisdictions in 43 States, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. UPARR grants provided recreation opportunities for all ages, all ethnic groups, people with and without disabilities, senior citizens to at-risk youth, latchkey children, and young adults.  Rehabilitation - 714 grants; Innovation - 191 grants;  Planning - 556 grants



Policy Options   

  • Link here to the Urban Parks overview page for the policy options and/or model programs related to this issue brief 



Key Organizations/Individuals   contacts for public and private organizations and key individuals

  • National Park Service 



Glossary of Terms

  • Link here to the Urban Parks overview page for the glossary of terms related to this issue brief 



Bibliography   web sites, reports, articles, and other reference material 



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