Siena-Hudson Greenway Plan - Political Dimensions

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Policy Making and Governing Aspects of Region 


Major Political Players


The Greenway Towns’ Political Dimensions 


Policy Making and Governing Challenges



Policy Making and Governing Opportunities-Once again the wiki double wrote my challenges in the opportunities for now just pay attention to the writing below, not the clicked section-Pete



Policy Making and Governing Recommendations




Questions To Be Answered:


14. What frames and policy streams would be useful for moving this project forward?


     It would definitely be in our best interest to continue contact with Assemblyman Bob Reilly.  However, as far as policy streams are concerned, we need to gain momentum by joining other groups and coalitions. By expanding our movement, we are gaining awareness politically and could be making an effort to gain in popularity. In addition, I think we need to find some politically minded students that are willing to work with local advocates. 


15. What technical experts would be allies/opponents to this project and what strategy might be useful in dealing with them?


     Some technical experts that are concerned with us definitely deal with Allbany Legislation. A big beginning would be to gain influence with some non profit agenices. Some opponents would be probably be opposition to Mr. Reilly, who would think that our group is useless and n0n-productive.  We could also contact our alumni that have business connections in cleaning up the Hudson and connecting it with the community.


16. What state agencies and or laws would be applicable to this project? Non-governmental agencies?


     There are obviously some non goverment not for profit agencies. But after some research, we should contact: NYS Senate, Legislation and Agencies. The most important agency is the NYS Department of Environmental Conversation. In addition, the Hudson River Estuary Program and the Hudson River Law Firm will be important to contact since they know the history with the lawsuits and the efforts to clean up the area,


17. Thinking about all of the elected officials representing the defined area, what committees do they sit on and how might they be helpful?


     There are: 1) NYSL Committee on Professional Standards, the Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee, Democratic Committee Headquarters in Albany, Labor Management Committee, Schenectady County Democratic Committee



Em's Notes: 



     -Potential Major "Players":


     - Focus on:


Political Dimensions

     -Town/government/organization need to work together.

     -Politicians on board? (Bob Reilly).

WE ALREADY KNOW THAT ASSEMBLYMAN REILLY IS ON BOARD....we need to contact Senator Breslin and mainly....the politicians/stakeholders/etc from those towns and cities mentioned above....theyre the key stakeholders here.

          IT would also benefit us to see who are stakeholders adversaries are so that we can prepare a defense....-PETE