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List of Related Websites

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Below is a list of websites that relate to what we're trying to accomplish with the PolicyOptions.org Initiative.  Please add to this list if you have other suggestions.


  • Tools provided by web development companies
  • Action focus
    • change.org — 
    • change-congress.org —
    • digiactive.org — DigiActive is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to helping grassroots activists around the world use the Internet and mobile phones to increase their impact. Our goal is a world of activists made more powerful and more effective through the use of digital technology.
    • projectyouthanize.org — 
  • Dialog focus
    • obamacto.org — (built on www.uservoice.com) — voice ideas for Obama's Chief Technology Officer
    • bigdialog.com — ask the President-Elect sponsored by eCitizenFoundation.org
    • forums.e-democracy.org — example online issue forum in Minneapolis, MN
    • generationengage.org — GenerationEngage provides access to fun and informative civic engagement opportunities like iChats, Community Forums, Engagement Screenings, volunteer and networking opportunities. Join GenerationEngage by choosing your community (Charlotte | Raleigh | New York | Miami | Silicon Valley | Other ) and filling out our quick 7-question survey to confirm membership.
    • Google Moderator — <http://moderator.appspot.com/> enables non-profits to run Q&A sessions efficiently by allowing audiences to submit

      questions to a common forum and then vote on which ones they think should be answered. In this way, the most representative questions bubble up to the top, helping you make the most of your Q&A time.


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