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Genetically Modified Food and Organisms (GMOs)

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  • To genetically modify crops through biological engineering so as to enhance traits such as resistance to pests.



  • To increase the resistance of plants to pests in a non-chemical manner






  • Crops could be genetically engineered to resist insects, weeds, cold weather, drought, unfavorable saline levels, diseases, and could also enhance nutritional content. Some gmo products even help clean up the environment by absorbing soil pollutants. These built in properties significantly decrease or eliminate the use of pesticides.






  • Large amounts of chemical free crops could be produced, harvest could be much more profitable for normally oppressive areas, and for parts of the year outside normal harvest periods. The resistance that is produced by gmos is not discriminatory; they can kill insects that are not attempting to consume them. Because this technology is so new, it is unknown whether or not pests will become resistant to them. Accidental introduction of genes into other populations could occur, disrupting an array of populations. Sterile populations that could not pollinate, or buffer crops that surround gmo crops could prevent such incidents from happening though. Again, because this system is so new, the allergies and human health issues are still unknown. Such sophisticated technologies are also very expensive; furthermore, infiltration of such practices would inhibit the pesticide industry, possibly creating a severe economic strain.


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