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Economic Development in a Business District

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Note: please note that this issue brief should (a) link back to the issue overview on this topic, (b) be focused either the local, state, national, or global level, and (c) be neutrally presented, based on facts, and include footnotes for each of the items.  See the Research Guide and Information Sources to assist you. 



Goal Statement

  • To spur economic growth along the Telegraph Avenue business district in Berkeley, California.



Scope of the Problem  factual statements on the extent of the problem in the past, current, or future

  • Decline in Shoppers: The "traffic", i.e. the amount of shoppers that walk along Telegraph Avenue, has lessened dramatically over the last five years (2004-2009).  Many small business owners on Telegraph are concerned about this gradual decline of customers. 
  • Dependence on University Students: Many of Telegraph’s customers are UC Berkeley students and when the university is let out for break, one small business owner said, “This town turns into a ghost town and it is hard to make rent”.
  • General Concerns: Small business owners argued that rents were too high, and it was difficult to maintain timely payment.  Others were concerned about the lack of parking and security around Telegraph. 



Current Policy  summary of current policies in the form of legislation, programs, and funding

  • A newsletter, called the "Telly Today", was created and circulated around Telegraph Avenue to increase business owners' awareness of problems that other small businesses were facing, such as Ashby Flowers' conflict with its corporate landlord and its possible closure. The newsletter informed business owners that the District 7 Councilmember was there to assist them and that there were city government resources available for them to utilize.

  • The District 7 Office employed an Economic Development Intern in January 2009 to visit businesses on Telegraph and talk face-to-face with their owners about the problems they are facing. The intern serves as a liaison between the city government and these small business owners and reports directly to the District 7 Councilmember.



Key Organizations/Individuals   contacts for public and private organizations and key individuals



Glossary of Terms

  • Business District
  • Councilmember
  • Small business
  • Small business owner





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